Reflection of the past.. MY country Everlast!


Reflection of the past..
My Country “Everlast”…!!

When muslim cry made finnest rate of echo..
When Hindustan bleed,Muslim live in pain..

Where shy Muslim girl afraid by herself..
Saving her respect ,But all in vain..

The days of efforts, The nights of darings..
The graceful deaths,Every day sustain..

History sees refugge of a dream..
To leave their homes for land of plain..

Jinnah, Fatima, Iqbal and khan..
Heroes of progress and curse refrain…

The baby of tearling, The weeping grace..
The only human of independence train..

Cloths of feminine, Beards of the men..
All were fill with bloody stain..

Thou, The cherished goal stay glad..
I wish my country ever luminous remain..

Reflection of the past, Pride of present..
My love is My nation and domain…

By: Madeeha Saeed..